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Management diagnostics to help qualify prospects
and deepen your relationship with existing clients


One way to be successful in consulting services business development is to know more about prospective client needs than your competitors do. Gaining valuable insight into prospect needs has been an expensive proposition, requiring a great deal of time, expertise and cooperation from the prospective client.

At EvaluSys, we help consulting services firms like yours respond to this challenge by offering a unique, affordable online tool for use with your prospects and existing clients. Our suite of fully hosted management diagnostics will expose a broad spectrum of unmet needs. This visibility will streamline your business development process, reducing costs and driving consulting revenue growth.


When used as an integrated part of your business development process, EvaluSys will help you:

• Provide a compelling "hook” to inspire business improvement

• Qualify prospective clients better, increasing close rates

• Reveal more client opportunities than the traditional interview approach

• Quickly identify non-clients, to conserve valuable sales resources

• Establish a consistent, scalable client discovery process

• Generate a host of valued client-touch opportunities to remain connected


The EvaluSys Business Evaluation™ covers a broad range management disciplines, including:

• Executive Leadership

• Business Planning

• Exit Planning

• Sales

• Marketing

• Product/Service Innovation

• Human Resources

• Financial Planning & Control

• and much more.

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Use the Business Wellness Checkup as extensionof your own marketing process. The "Checkup” is a free starter diagnosticused to engage new prospects and learn which management areas hold the greatestprospects for improvement.
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EvaluSys is a Strategic Alliance Partner of IMC USA.

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